Q: I would like to volunteer and tried to sign up, but I do not have a registration code. How can I get a code?

A: We have many volunteer opportunities available and would love to have you on our team. Click on the Committee Descriptions section and look over the opportunities, then send an e-mail to kingsmillchampionship@kingsmill.com and include your areas of interest. From there, our Tournament Coordinator will assist you.

Q: Will my username and password from last work for this year?

A: No. You will need to create a new username and password.


Q: How many days do I have to volunteer and for how many hours?

A: We ask that you work 24 hours over the course of the tournament week. This is typically divided into 4-6 hour shifts over 4-6 days.  Days and times may vary depending on the committee and their specific responsibilities.

Q: Can my children volunteer? Is there an age requirement?

A: Yes. Juniors, ages 13 to 18 years, can be a volunteer. Junior volunteers may work as Standard Bearers on Saturday and Sunday only. If your junior is interested, please send an e-mail to kingsmillchampionship@kingsmill.com and we will connect you with our Junior Standard Bearer Committee Chairman.

Q: How much is the volunteer fee and what does it cover?

A: The volunteer fee is $50 and covers the uniform (one golf shirt & a hat/visor), one volunteer Weekly Grounds badge, 4 Daily Grounds guest tickets, & snacks/drinks during shifts. *Please remember, volunteers must wear their own khaki pants or slacks. Volunteers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes. Some type of tennis shoe is best.

Q: If I am no longer able to volunteer, can I receive a refund?

A: Yes. Please contact our Tournament Coordinator at 757.253.3985 or kingsmillchampionship@kingsmill.com.

Q: Can I be scheduled (shift assignments) at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?

A: We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requests. Please list your request on your Volunteer Registration Account, select similar availability to the person you wish to work with, and let your Chairperson know as well.

Q: How do I know / when will I receive my schedule?

A: The Committee Chairmen will contact their volunteers when schedules are available. By logging into your volunteer profile, you will have access to your schedule for the week..

Q: When will the uniforms be distributed?

A: Your Committee Chairperson will contact you with the details. The distribution will occur some time at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Q: What do I do if my uniform does not fit?

A: We will offer a uniform exchange period leading up to the tournament. Dates and times have yet to be determined.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Shuttle service will transport you from Volunteer parking to the Volunteer Headquarters. Parking has yet to be determined.

Q: Can I watch golf when I am not working?

A: Yes. Your credential is valid for the entire week and we encourage you to enjoy the tournament in your free time. Volunteers are welcome to watch golf before or after their shift, and on days off as well. On days that you are not working, please do not wear your volunteer uniform.

Q: What should I bring when I come for my shift?

A: Depending on your assignment, you may want to bring a lightweight or compact folding chair and appropriate weather gear. You are more than welcome to bring an umbrella or jacket if you think you will need it. Be sure to bring headwear and plenty of sunscreen if you are working out on the course.

Q: Can I bring my camera or cell phone?

A: Cameras are allowed Monday Wednesday only for all volunteer and spectators. Cell phones are allowed, but please make sure to keep the ringer on "silent". Please refrain from taking any photos with your cell phone, Thursday - Sunday.

Q: Can I ask for autographs?

A: Please refrain from asking players for autographs when you are working as a volunteer. If you are not working and not in uniform you may get autographs. Autographs on the volunteer uniform are strictly prohibited. As always, we ask that you be respectful of the players and ask for autographs at appropriate times.

Q: Will food and beverage be provided?

A:Yes. There will be snacks, coffee, water, and other assorted beverages in Volunteer Headquarters.